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Yin Zhaoju asked the Raoping county actively plan to promote a new round of development

Seven Day, deputy secretary, acting mayor Yin Zhaoju led to Raoping County research focus on construction projects. He stressed that Raoping departments at all levels should give full play to their advantages in resources, conscientiously implement the municipal government deployment requirements, promote the healthy development of the economy, promote urban and rural stability, urged the general delicate gas is urged to sign the demolition task, and plan to promote a new round of development, to speed up the revitalization of Chaozhou to provide strong support, rise make new contributions.

Yin Zhaoju inspected the line of Castle Peak, Dai Mu lotus Raoping County Bao stone landfill, Chaozhou Huaying liquefied natural gas receiving station projects and Matou Mountain area, and held a forum to listen to the Raoping county government, Chaozhou Port Economic Development Zone (Min Yuehe District) administrative committee report on the relevant circumstances. It is understood that the key projects this year to determine the total in Raoping County Thirty-five A domain involving transportation, energy, communications, industry, agriculture, water conservancy, education, municipal, real estate, logistics, tourism, plans a total investment Ninety-sevenBillion yuan, up to Eight The end of the month total investment Ten point nine two Billion yuan, accounting for the annual investment plan 37.55 %.

Yin Zhaoju pointed out that this year, Raoping county departments at all levels have done a lot of solid and effective work, the county''''s economic and social development has made new progress. Raoping county resource endowment good, full development potential, the municipal government is full of expectations and hopes for the future development of Raoping, hope Raoping county to work effectively and the measures put in place, the beautiful blueprint into reality through practical action.

Yin Zhaoju requirements, Raoping county departments at all levels to promote the healthy development of the economy, one should pay attention to planning, combined with the Raoping northern, central and southern development of their actual, serious planning three plate. To tap the red cultural resources of the former Soviet Central County, through in-depth, the development of red tourism economy; to make full use of the richly endowed by nature ecological and environmental conditions, the development of green ecological economy; scientific development of precious coast resources, accelerate the formation of industrial belt, the development of blue ocean economy, achieve three economic and three plate, organic combined and coordinated development of the three major industries, with three RGB color and colorful, vibrant economy in Raoping. Two to grasp the index, not only to do the "Changan line", and to make the "short plan", focus on tackling difficulties, to ensure that the focus of the work to promote the full completion of this year, the economic indicators of the task. Three to implement, should actively play an important role, the implementation of leading cadres linked to key project system, the person responsible for the implementation, on the progress of the project, the full implementation of the "nanny" tracking service, to promote the construction of large projects; actively replicated "Fengquan Lake mode", increase efforts to promote the park development and construction of Lingang Industrial Park Zhang Xi, low-carbon industrial zone; to actively strive for superior financial support, put the money to good use, bother, efforts to do preparatory work, provide a strong guarantee for the project to promote efficient.

Yin Zhaoju stressed that Raoping county should promote urban and rural stability, firmly establish the "one hand, one hand the development of the safety concept, carried out the city risk and hazard investigation and remediation special action, unremittingly to the safe operation of the city, production safety and fire safety work. To strengthen publicity and guidance, through newspapers, radio and television and other media published hotline, to mobilize the masses to actively report security risks around the timely implementation of the rectification, to form a good atmosphere for everyone pay attention to safety work, everyone involved in the investigation and remediation. He also asked, Raoping county departments at all levels to continue to maintain a good working condition and normal working order, to ensure that the election of the work carried out smoothly, urged the general integrity; to strictly according to the law, to realize the harmonious demolition, urged the levy demolition tasks.

Municipal Committee, United Front minister Xu He, municipal committee, vice mayor of Zhongshan, headquarters of the aid to Chaozhou team Yang An, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal government party members Zhu Weimin, Chaozhou Economic Development Zone, Raoping county Party Secretary Zhang Chuansheng, Secretary General of the municipal government to participate in the activities of Yue hong.